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OMG look what was just in the mail!!!
The Second Book of

Grave Impressions

I thought I told you not to send me one,oh gosh you cute little shits! 

Grave Impressions is a webcomic with 1942/prohibition/detective/noir/awesomeness, including nudity and homoerotic (there’s an 18+ on the cover for a reason, but that’s totally not why everyone and their gay goat Billy are reading it…)

No seriously… naked skin is a change of tones lighting up the very atmospheric greyish, trenchcoaty, coal-mine, criminal tones of this webcomic.
Ziska, Aleksi, and Nym do a lot of research to get their stuff right with the time and place…
Which is why I don’t know why they still credit me because all I’ve contributed in the last time were one or two unrelated dick jokes ;_; *so not worth the credit*

Also the comic came with a cute Bookmark with Howard (the detective) on one side and Freckles (he’s mined himself into our hearts)

Now shoosh… just go and read the comic already!

Grave Impressions

5 months ago

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